Game On with Vanessa Rende

What’s Missing From Your Personal Growth Journey: The Five Parts of SELF



The personal development and self-help industry was built on the foundation of helping people fix themselves. But the problem is that 99.9% of the time, they are telling us to work out more, or do more Mindset work. They are singling out one or two areas of our existence and consciousness while ignoring the rest of us. And because we are already running on old programs and dragging things in our DNA, we fall for the wick fixes. Hardly does anyone ever talk about the different parts that make us who we are. The parts we ignore, repress, stuff down or just refuse to acknowledge. The parts, that when congruent, truly make us whole and complete. Isn’t that was true personal growth is all about? Finding what you need in you. Feeling complete and not having to look to anyone or anything to feel whole. In this blog, I talk about what each part of SELF is, and why they are all equally vital to true personal growth, transformation and lasting change. Thanks for listening! And don’t forget if y