Game On with Vanessa Rende

Free Yourself: Master The Art of Ruthless Non-Negotiable Soul Alignment



Everyone reaches a point in their lives when the begin to soul search., especially high-achievers. For many, what they find is too uncomfortable to face, let alone change. So they fall back into settling for the next best thing, or the thing that sounds more attainable and feasible.This cycle leads to bursts of success, happiness, intimacy and other temporary feelings of happiness and completeness, but they do not last. Eventually we find ourselves searching again and feeling lost, incomplete and as if something is still missing....again.In this audio blog, I talk about:- What that looks like for many of us and what it really means.- How to discern between the voices of fear, doubt and limiting beliefs and true (soul) alignment, and- My quick, highly-effective way for shifting into non-negotiable alignment.If you love this audio blog, please share, subscribe, rate and leave me a comment to help me reach more people with this message. To learn more about me and my work, visit