Game On with Vanessa Rende

When You're Doing The Work But Not Seeing Results



There comes a time in every soul searching high-achiever's journey when you feel stuck. And all the personal development, mindset, energy, spirituality experience and work you're doing just doesn't seem to be cutting it any more. The elusive "next level" seems just an arm's length away, and you feel like you've tried everything, but it's just too far away from you to reach.During this audio blog, I share with you guys:1) My own personal short and recent story of being stuck and how I overcame.2) Why we get to these "stuck" points - yes, even those of us who are deep in personal development and personal growth.3) What needs to happen for you to get unstuck.Plus many other random nuggets of gold from my soul to yours.If you love it, please subscribe, share and rate it so I can reach more people with this powerful message.Learn more about me at