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Women of the Black Panther Party



In celebration of the new book Comrade Sisters: Women of the Black Panther Party, three women — Judy Juanita, Madalynn Rucker and Ericka Huggins — discuss their time with the Black Panther Party at a UC Berkeley event in October 2022. "I knew that my big purpose was to learn how to love because I was raised in a community that was not loved," says Ericka Huggins, who co-authored Comrade Sisters with photographer Stephen Shames and was director of Oakland Community School led by the Black Panther Party. "I could see the impact on the future generation's understanding that I came from a generation that didn't have what we were offering. And it worked."Read a transcript and listen to the episode on Berkeley News.Music by Blue Dot Sessions. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.