Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom For A Better Life

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A beautifully illustrated book from Cleo Wade—the artist, poet, and speaker who has been called “the Millennial Oprah” by New York magazine—that offers creative inspiration and life lessons through poetry, mantras, and affirmations, perfect for fans of the bestseller Milk & Honey.

True to her hugely popular Instagram account, Cleo Wade brings her moving life lessons to Heart Talk, an inspiring, accessible, and spiritual book of wisdom for the new generation. Featuring over one hundred and twenty of Cleo’s original poems, mantras, and affirmations, including fan favorites and never before seen ones, this book is a daily pep talk to keep you feeling empowered and motivated.

With relatable, practical, and digestible advice, including “Hearts break. That’s how the magic gets in,” and “Baby, you are the strongest flower that ever grew, remember that when the weather changes,” this is a portable, replenishing pause for your daily life.

Keep Heart Talk by your bedside table or in your bag for an empowering boost of spiritual adrenaline that can help you discover and unlock what is blocking you from thriving emotionally and spiritually.


  • Heart Talk 021 If you aren't staying

    Duration: 45s
  • Heart Talk 022 Risks

    Duration: 56s
  • Heart Talk 023 Confidence

    Duration: 50s
  • Heart Talk 024 Explaining yourself

    Duration: 45s
  • Heart Talk 025 I Choose to Shine

    Duration: 28s
  • Heart Talk 026 Clean out your thoughts

    Duration: 01min
  • Heart Talk 027 Love yourself enough

    Duration: 54s
  • Heart Talk 028 Be heard

    Duration: 14s
  • Heart Talk 029 You are the only

    Duration: 36s
  • Heart Talk 030 Be kind

    Duration: 46s
  • Heart Talk 031 A friendly reminder

    Duration: 18s
  • Heart Talk 032 Stand Tall

    Duration: 21s
  • Heart Talk 033 Know the value

    Duration: 01min
  • Heart Talk 034 What we do

    Duration: 14s
  • Heart Talk 035 Very few decisions

    Duration: 43s
  • Heart Talk 036 I did not lose the lesson

    Duration: 20s
  • Heart Talk 037 Life does not always

    Duration: 46s
  • Heart Talk 038 How to keep going

    Duration: 13s
  • Heart Talk 039 We all require

    Duration: 18s
  • Heart Talk 040 Maybe don't

    Duration: 11s
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