Takingpoint: A Navy Seal's 10 Fail Safe Principles For Leading Through Change

  • Author: Brent Gleeson
  • Narrator: Brent Gleeson
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Duration: 8:56:41
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Decorated Navy SEAL, successful businessman and world-renowned speaker Brent Gleeson shares his revolutionary approach to navigating and leading change in the workplace—with a foreword by #1 New York Times bestselling author Mark Owen.

Inspired by his time as a Navy SEAL and building award-winning organizations in the business world, Brent Gleeson has created a powerful roadmap for today’s existing and emerging business leaders and managers to improve their ability to successfully navigate organizational change. Over the past ten years since leaving the SEAL Teams, Gleeson has become a well-respected thought leader and expert in business transformation. He has spoken to and consulted with hundreds of organizations across the globe and inspired thousands of business leaders through his highly insightful philosophies on leadership, culture and building high-performance teams that achieve winning results.

In TakingPoint, Gleeson shares his ten-step program that he has implemented in his own companies and for his high-profile clients—giving leaders and managers actionable insights and a framework for successful execution. TakingPoint brilliantly captures the structures, behaviors and mindsets required to build successful twenty-first century organizations. With a strong emphasis on communication, culture, engagement, accountability, trust, and resiliency, Gleeson’s methods have helped hundreds of companies around the world transform the way they think about change, and can help yours do the same.

For the last five years, Gleeson has shared his philosophies through his weekly columns on Forbes and Inc. And now, for the first time ever, they are captured in this entertaining and highly prescriptive book.

Steps include:

-Culture: The Single Most Important Enabler
-Trust: Fueling the Change Engine
-Accountability: Ownership at All Levels
-Mindset: Belief in the Mission
-Preparation: Gathering Intelligence and Planning the Mission
-Transmission: Communicating the Vision
-Inclusion: The Power of Participation and Acceptance
-Fatigue: Managing Fear and Staying Energized
-Discipline: Focus and Follow-Through
-Resiliency: The Path of Lasting Change

Never has change been more consistent and disruptive as it is now. Business leaders and managers at all levels can’t just react to change. They have to lead change. They have to take point.


  • TakingPoint 41 Chapter9 Discipline a

    Duration: 06min
  • TakingPoint 42 Chapter9 Discipline b

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  • TakingPoint 43 Chapter9 Discipline c

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  • TakingPoint 44 Chapter9 Discipline d

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  • TakingPoint 45 Chapter10 Resilience a

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  • TakingPoint 46 Chapter10 Resilience b

    Duration: 18min
  • TakingPoint 47 Chapter10 Resilience c

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  • TakingPoint 48 Chapter 10 Resilience d

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  • TakingPoint 49 Conclusion

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